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Articles on Trading Concepts

Logarithmic Correlation Coefficient
Using correlation coefficient on a logarithmic scale to more accurately measure the quality of a trend.

 Valuable Information for Traders

The Investment FAQ
Answers to investment questions, informative articles, and useful resources for beginners and experienced investors and traders.
Technical Analysis from A to Z
The online edition of Technical Analysis from A to Z is reproduced on the Equis website with permission from the author and publisher.  An excellent reference for technical indicators.
A very comprehensive dictionary of investment indicators and terminology, and an excellent collection of insightful and professionally written articles and tutorials.
Website of the publishers of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine. Many popular technical analysis indicators were originally published and described in this magazine.  See current feature articles at this website. 
eSignal Central
Regularly updated news and articles.  Be sure to check out the Trader's Toolbox, where you can get free historical data.

Tools for Traders

JustData's Bodhi Freeway software provides end-of-day data from major world exchanges US, UK, Asia & Australia. Packed with features that allow you to arrange and receive the information as you want it.  Free trial  Bodhi Freeway for 32 days - and see how it can benefit your trading. After your free trial be amazed at Bodhi Freeways excellent pricing.
Makers of MetaStock; Products and Services for the Serious Market Trader.
eSignal is the leading real-time market quote service and charting/analytics software package for serious individual and professional investors.

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