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What's New in Version 1.1

Version, 6/22/2003

  1. bugfix: trades short when it shouldn't. bug ID 110
  2. bugfix: All reco's are listed twice. bug ID 116
  3. bugfix: Changing data for previously loaded system causes errors, excessive delays. bug ID 91
  4. bugfix: no trades after reloading dataset. bug ID 115
  5. bugfix: Some systems have different results. bug ID 113
  6. doc: text added to explain trading rules better
  7. enh: Extend version numbering to support Beta Testing. ID 111

Version 1.1.5 (Beta), 5/18/2003

  1. bugfix: Long/short stop-and-reverse system gives wrong results. bug ID 107
  2. bugfix: re-loading data causes excessive delays with long formulas. bug ID 91
  3. bugfix: Trades wrong price field on delayed trades. bug ID 106
  4. functions: comments, alias Power, alias AND, alias OR

Version 1.1.4, 4/8/2003

  1. bugfix: "No Open Positions Exist" errors. bug ID 88
  2. bugfix: combined short, long reco's list not integrated. bug ID 100
  3. bugfix: data synchronization problem with PTC data set
  4. bugfix: Deferred calculation not working with long formulas. bug ID 84
  5. bugfix: Insufficient Data when changing EMA period. bug ID 99
  6. bugfix: percent commission on exit incorrect. bug ID 102
  7. bugfix: Save doesn't save trades in queue. bug ID 2
  8. bugfix: unrecognized formula components causes crash. bug ID 104
  9. doc: added notes for the Reverse sort for shorts option. bug ID 100
  10. enh: add version identification to distinguish debug from release.
  11. enh: Added some missing tool-tips, rearranged icons on toolbar.
  12. enh: added start data data and colum to the securities dialog
  13. enh: append .txt to new file names if not already present. Bug ID 94
  14. normalized member variable names for low-level classes, structs

Version 1.1.3, 1/23/2003

  1. bugfix: redundant parenthesis parsing error (PTC). bug ID 92
  2. bugfix: No Open Positions Exist errors. bug ID 88
  3. bugfix: changed Walk Forward button to Step Forward. bug ID 73
  4. bugfix: Changing data for previously loaded system causes errors, excessive delays. bug ID 91
  5. doc: removed improper references to charting, plotting, and metastock
  6. enh: optimized the Directional Movement algorithm (ADX, etc.). bug ID 85
  7. enh: rearranged the index controls on the Criteria tab
  8. enh: renamed drawdown values on the Results Analysis list
  9. feature: List system open drawdown as a percentage. ID 97
  10. function: Stochastic RSI

Version 1.1.2 (Beta), 12/30/2002

  1. bugfix: changed the URL for the FAQ link in the Help menu.
  2. bugfix: reference function doesn't take negative numbers. bug ID 77
  3. enh: optimized EMA, other functions. ID 76
  4. functions: Added Count, Composite, Aggregate, Advance/Decline Line (ADL). ID 79

Version 1.1.1, 12/6/2002

  1. feature: Include open positions in trade results. ID 64
  2. feature: added help menu link to FAQ web site
  3. bugfix: Incorrect system test results. bug ID 62
  4. bugfix: Help file doesn't have navigation in release 1.1.0. bug ID 65
  5. bugfix: Error on loading dataset only. bug ID 66
  6. bugfix: Confusing label for Open Positons Value in report. bug ID 63
  7. bugfix: Backtest fails to reset the account when starting. bug ID 67

Version 1.1.0, 11/29/2002

  1. feature: integrate MetaStock Developers Kit (MDK). feature ID 22
  2. feature: edit base security list. feature ID 8
  3. feature: load a dataset only from another system, retaining existing settings. feature ID 49
  4. feature: margin calculations & controls added. feature ID 10
  5. feature: global application preferences. ID 44
  6. feature: automatic update checking enabled. ID 44
  7. feature: toolbar buttons for account operations. ID 57
  8. feature: added help menu links to tutorial, function index, and web support page. IDs 54, 55
  9. feature: Copy/Paste system test results data (and other CListCtrl controls). ID 51
  10. function: RMI (Relative Momentum Index), Price Volume Trend (PVT), Collection Index (CIX), Security, Relative Strength Comparative (RSC)
  11. bugfix: adjusting for new eSellerate SDK, V2.5
  12. bugfix: Integrated eSeller fails to install (new) eSellerate engine. bug ID 61
  13. bugfix: Disapearing tab dialogs. bug ID 60
  14. bugfix: Equity results have wrong dates for manual test. bug ID 56
  15. bugfix: folder tree in Securities dialog replicates subfolders. bug ID 53
  16. bugfix: Large data sets fail to load. bug IDs 58, 22, 8

Version 1.0 changes

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