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Technical Indicators

Accumulation/Distribution • Advance/Decline Line • ADX • Aggregate • Alpha • Aroon • ATR • Beta • Bollinger Bands • Chaikin's A/D Oscillator • CMF • CMO • Collection Index • Correlation Coefficient • Composite • DX • Forecast Oscillator •  Linear Regression • Linear Regression Slope • MACD • MDM • MDI • Median Price • Midpoint • Momentum • MFI • Moving Average (Exponential, Simple, Time Series, Triangular, Weighted, Variable, and Volume Adjusted) • NVI • OBV • PDM • PDI • Performance • PVI • Price Oscillator • PVT •  Qstick • Rate Of Change • R-Squared • RMI • Relative Strength Comparative • RSI • Standard Deviation • Standard Error • Standard Error Bands • Stochastic Oscillator • Stochastic RSI • Time Series Forecast • TRIX • Typical Price • Variance • VHF • Weighted Close • Wilder's Smoothing • Williams' %R • Williams' A/D

Mathematical and Analysis Functions

Absolute Value • Addition • Alert • Logical AND • Arc Tangent • Bars Since • Ceiling • Cosine • Count • Cross • Cumulative Sum • Day of Month • Day of Week • Division • Equality • Exponent • Floor • Fraction • Gap Down • Gap Up • Greater Than • Greater Than or Equal • Highest Value • Highest Bars Ago • Highest High Value • Highest High Value Bars Ago • If • Inequality • Inside • Integer • Is Defined • Is Undefined • Last Value • Less Than • Less Than or Equal • Literal • Natural Logarithm • Lowest Value • Lowest Bars Ago • Lowest Low Value • Lowest Low Value Bars Ago • Maximum • Minimum • Modulus • Month • Multiplication • Negative • Logical NOT • Logical OR • Outside • Power • Precision • Rally • Rally w/ Volume • Rank • Reaction • Reaction w/ Volume • Reference • Round • Security • Sine • Square Root • Subtraction • Summation • Value When • Year


Comments can be imbedded into formulas with Metastock format, using brackets (curly braces):

{ this is a comment }

The full help file can be downloaded for your reference and review by clicking here.

Pikker has been written for, and tested on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.

Copy and paste system test results into any spreadsheet or word processor.  Pikker copies data to the clipboard in tab-delimited format, which can be pasted into any standard application.  Copy details of individual trades, or a daily account equity report, which could easily be used to construct an equity graph.  A detailed statistical analysis report includes:

Total Net Profit • Percent gain/loss • Initial investment • Final account value • Calendar days in test • Annual percent gain/loss • Avg Win/Avg Loss ratio • Open trades profit (loss) • Total closed trades • Avg profit per trade • Total long trades • Winning long trades • Interest earned • Commissions paid • Total short trades • Winning short trades • Total winning trades • Amount of winning trades • Average win • Largest win • Average length of win • Longest winning trade • Total losing trades • Amount of losing trades • Average loss • Largest loss • Average length of loss • Longest losing trade • System open drawdown • Max drawdown duration • Max open trade drawdown • Profit/Loss index • Reward/Risk index • G factor per trade • G annualized • Optimal f • f-adjusted G per trade • f-adjusted G annualized • Annualized LR Gains • Equity Correlation Coeff.

With memory-loaded data, and function caching technology, system tests are lighting fast!  

Why should you have to load the same data off the hard drive every time you run a test?  That could slow things down a thousand times.  With Pikker, you don't!  Data is loaded once into memory, and stays there, now matter how much you change your formulas or system settings.

Why should you compute the same indicator multiple times for each trading rule, or for each pass through the calculation of a moving average?  With Pikker, you don't!  Whenever an indicator or function is computed, the results are stored in memory so that the same time-consuming calculation doesn't have to be performed over and over and over and....

With these speedy features, Pikker can perform a system test on years worth of data for hundreds of securities in a few seconds.  Other software takes minutes, sometimes hours, to do an optimized test on a single security!  A faster system test means more time to try other ideas, or enjoy other activities.

Try the same system on different market sectors, or different data sets.  Easily share system settings with associates, who may have different structure of security data storage.  Is a particular security causing havoc with your testing?  Unadjusted split?  To much missing data?  Edit that security out of your system without having to create an entirely new system!  Easily change the index security.

Save account balance and portfolio holdings for individual accounts.  Set account details such as interest rate on cash account, and commissions.  Edit details of portfolio holdings:

System Test

With the Step Forward feature, you can step through a system test a day at a time, and review the recommendations that your trading system would produce.  Trade the top recommendations, ignore recommendations, or wait until the next day, all at your own discretion.  This can be a good way of testing your ability to stick to your trading plan, as well as a way to train yourself in perseverance.

Or, if you just want to see how your system would have performed if it were strictly followed over a period of time, you can set up a beginning and ending date and run an automated test.  Test results include a variety of statistics, a listing of all closed trades, and a daily equity summary.

You're trading a portfolio of securities.  You get multiple trade recommendations on any given day.  How do you decide which trade to take?  Specify an indicator or formula as a sort criteria, and all recommendations are sorted according to your criteria:

System Test


New, with version 1.1, Pikker will check for an up update every N days.  When an update is available, it will inform you, then automatically download and install the update.

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