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Installation Instructions

Click on one of these mirror sites:

  • Run the downloaded self-extracting install program, and follow the on-screen directions.

  • What you get

    • The Pikker program

    • Comprehensive help file

    • Sample data for S&P 100 stocks and several indices.

    • A selection of sample systems.


  • This is a 30-day free trial.  You may make full, unlimited use of the program, at no cost for a period of 30 days.

  • A $25 registration fee is required to obtain an unlock key to use the product after 30 days.  Registration and download, can be obtained at any of four services...

    You may use the convenient integrated purchasing wizard from within the application.  Purchasing information will be transferred over a secure connection with  the eSellerate registration service.  Registration is immediate.

    download, register self extracting executable

    eSellerate will provide your registration code immediately after payment is processed.

    RegSoft will provide your registration code immediately after payment is processed.

    Make direct payment via PayPal.  Registration code will normally be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Additional files

tutsamples.zip (1 KB)  The tutorial samples were left out of the latest build.  Unzip them to the install directory of Pikker.

pikkrhlp.zip (367 KB)  The Pikker help file (zipped).  Included in the installation download.  Also included separately here, for review.

MSData.zip (7.6 MB)  Contains extra MetaStock sample data.  Includes 156 mutual funds, 5 index, 183 stocks, the 30 DJIA stocks, and the S&P 100 stocks.  The zip archive contains full path info for the files, so when extracting, be sure to select the "use folder names" option.

Systems.zip (9 KB)  Contains a selection of sample system files for the set of sample data above.

pikkr.xml  PAD (Portable Application Description) file, for download sites.  For more info about PAD, see the ASP PAD site.

© Copyright 2003 Emporium Software

I've updated the website with a fresh new look.  It should be easier to navigate, and easier to read.  I hope you enjoy the new look!




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