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About Emporium Software

My name is Mark Martin. 

I'm not the NASCAR driver, but I enjoy the jokes. I started out as a computer engineer, but decided that that career is not sustainable. I still do software development, and sell my own investment analysis software called "Pikker".

I started investing in mutual funds when I was about 18.  

My interest in technical analysis of the securities markets started around 1996.  I had subscribed to a course that described how to make money in the futures markets.  So, I opened an account, and bought a copy of MetaStock.

I found that the available software didn't quite address my needs.

In particular, I wanted the ability to test a system on multiple securities at the same time.  When I got the opportunity, I started working on my own software that could do this.  Initially, I did some experimentation with multiple linear regression analysis of stock data.  The idea there was to find how a selection of stocks could predict future price movements of individual securities.

The matrix calculation tools that I developed were extremely powerful.

I later took these matrix calculation tools, and integrated them into a new software package.  An application that would trade multiple stocks in and out of a portfolio.  The result was Pikker.

My business started out as "Mark's Emporium"...

which was the business name I put in whenever I needed to register software. When I started selling my software, I did so under the name "Emporium Software". Then when I decided to sell retail on ebay, I registered the business name "Emporium Sales". So that's where it all came from.

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I've updated the website with a fresh new look.  It should be easier to navigate, and easier to read.  I hope you enjoy the new look!




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