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Stock Trading Software

Free Stock Software

Free Trading Software

Trading Software

Dynamic Portfolio Trading System Backtesting Software

  • Matrix calculations of a list of securities over a date range allow for stock or fund rotation through a portfolio, as well as an entire new category of "Market Breadth" indicators, and new methods of analysis and trading.
  • Pikker will test your trading ideas the way you really trade... portfolio rotation of multiple securities selected from an unlimited collection of available securities.
  • With Pikker, now you can back-test your system on ALL of your historical securities data at once!
  • Test your trading system on historical data for multiple securities simultaneously.  Write and test trading systems to rank and screen securities over years of historical data.
  • Save hours of manual work by combining and automating two processes in a way that other trading software isn't capable of.  The result is a more accurate picture of how your proposed trading system performs in realistic conditions.  You will confidently make more profitable trading decisions.

A New Dimension In Technical Analysis

Traditional technical analysis takes a one-dimensional view of the market.  A single security, over a period of time.

Traditional, One-Dimensional Technical Analysis
Traditional Technical Analysis

Pikker adds a second dimension by using the same traditional indicators over an entire collection of securities.

Two-Dimensional Technical Analysis
Two-Dimensional Technical Analysis

A matrix is constructed in the program for a collection of securities, over a date range.  Matrix calculations allow for Dynamic Portfolio trading.  Switch from one stock into another that is having better performance, according to your trading system.  With mutual funds, you can dynamically test a Sector Rotation system that changes funds to the best performing fund within a fund family.

Matrix calculations also allow for a new category of Market Breadth indicators.  Create an index for a particular market sector, and compare securities to the collection index.  Create  aggregate and composite indicators for all securities in the collection.

If you've never traded the markets... Or if you're an experienced trader

If you have money to invest, it's a good idea to diversify investments in a portfolio of stocks and one touch binary options. And in turbulent economic times such as these, it's  particularly crucial to pick the right stocks, and know when to buy and when to sell for optimal profit. Making investment decisions based on discretionary judgment usually produces disastrous results. Professional stock traders develop a set of mechanical trading rules -- a "system" -- based on mathematical indicators, calculated from price, time, and market volume. Pikker (stock picker) gives you the ability to write such trading rules and pick a portfolio of stocks to buy out of the thousands of stocks in the market.  Then, It will simulate trading activity based on such rules over several years of historical data for an unlimited number of stocks, and provide a detailed statistical analysis of how successful the proposed trading system would have been. Then, moving forward with a daily quote feed, you could confidently make sound investment decisions with a system that has been proven to at least work well in the past.

Wouldn't it be nice to get results like?  This system gave annualized returns of 100%!

trading stock software for free download

This system got annualized returns of 100% over a one year period, Trading the long side only!

  • Then, I added the S&P 100 Stocks.  The S&P didn't exactly have stellar performance during this period, but with this "practice" system, Pikker still made 100% gains during the same period.  Then I tried some other time periods...
  • 22.6% annualized gains from 3/24/00 to 9/21/01, the same time period when the S&P 500 slid 25%, the Dow was down 30%, and the NASDAQ sank a whole 72%.
  • 80% annualized gains from the same high point of the S&P to date, 7/5/02.
  • 118% annualized gains over the past five years, from 7/1/97 to 7/5/02.
  • 17% annualized gains over a years worth of unknown data, from 7/1/96 to 7/1/97

For more results, see the Results page.

Here's what a $25,000 account would look like after using one of these systems for the past five years...

Stock Software

So, you see, it is possible to make gains, even trading the long side during a bear market.  It's a matter of picking the right securities and switching at the right time.  With Pikker, you can use your own technical analysis formulas and parameters to pick stocks.  And, you can see how your system would have done in the past.  And then, you can fine-tune the system to give you the optimal returns that you're looking for.  Once you have your system fine-tuned, you can keep track of your portfolio.  Then, at the end of each trading day, you can load your system and account, and in seconds have any new recommendations the next day's trade.  It's that easy!

Pikker is available for $25 on any 32-bit Windows System:  95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.
A 30-day trial version is available.

Download this Stock Software For Free from our download page now!

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